Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati

Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati
Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati
Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati
Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati

Ethnic gatherings

The general population of the Central African Republic runs from the chasing and-assembling timberland Pygmy people groups, the Aka, to state-shaping gatherings, kwa mfano, the Zande and Niagara. Before the entry of Europeans in the late nineteenth century, refinements between various gatherings were very liquid. Many ideas of themselves as individuals from a tribe instead of a more extensive ethnic gathering. Associations with the individuals who talked various dialects and had diverse social practices extended from tranquil exchange and intermarriage to war and oppression.

The endeavors by frontier chairmen and ethnographers to separate Central Africans into unequivocal ethnic gatherings have never been feasible. Nonetheless, French colonizers promoted ethnic and provincial refinements among their Central African subjects. Drawing from populaces of such southern riverine individuals as the Ngbaka (Mbaka), Yakima, and Ubangi, the French made a world-class gathering, which rose as an indigenous decision bunch for the entire nation and has held most political positions since freedom. Provincial affiliations have expanded the unpredictability of this political territory. Other, nonriverine Central Africans, who are undeniably increasingly various, have would in general dislike this circumstance and have periodically taken positions of authority themselves. Licha ya ukweli kwamba watu wanaoishi katika wilaya ya taifa ya kaskazini imeongezeka kuendelea nguvu za kisiasa tangu uhuru, watu makundi ya kusini bado kubaki ukaribu mkubwa katika masuala ya kitaifa ya kiserikali.

wachache Kigiriki, Ureno, na wafanya biashara wa Yemeni ni kuenea kote taifa, na kidogo Kifaransa umma anaishi katika Bangui. Jewel wafanyabiashara kutoka magharibi mwa Afrika na Chad, wafanyabiashara kutoka mataifa mbalimbali ya Afrika, na wakimbizi na kwa karibu na mataifa, kwa mfano, Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Kongo, likewise dwell in Bangui and the hinterlands.


Focal Africans as of now talk a wide assortment of dialects, including Baya (Gbaya), Banda, Ngbaka, Sara, Mum, Kare, and Mandia. French and Sango are the official dialects. Sango is the most widely used language spoken by almost nine-tenths of the populace. It was initially the language of a people from the Ubangi River district, hata hivyo, Christian teachers embraced, streamlined, and spread it during the 1940s and ’50s to their adherents all through the nation.


Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati
Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati

Around four-fifths of the populace pronounces Christianity; there is a sizable minority of unaffiliated Christians, while Roman Catholics, Protestants, and independents comprise the rest. Around one-tenth of the populace keeps on rehearsing customary religions. There is a developing number of Sunni Muslims. A little minority proclaims no religious connection.

Settlement designs

Around three-fifths of the populace is provincial, dwelling basically in the southern and western pieces of the nation. The eastern and northeastern areas of the nation are less populated. Of the urban populace, a huge extent lives in Bangui. Other real towns are Berbérati, Bossangoa, and Bouar in the west, Bambari, and Bria in the focal fields, and Bangassou and Mobaye on the Ubangi

Statistic patterns

The Central African Republic is scantily populated. The populace development rate is high yet is balanced by the nation’s low populace thickness, the net progression of migrants, and the high newborn child death rate. More than two-fifths of the populace is younger than 15, and the future is under 50 years due to weakness conditions and benefits and insufficient sustenance appropriation.


Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati
Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati

Farming is the biggest segment and the premise of the Central African economy, contributing portion of the GDP and involving about four-fifths of the workforce; jewels and timber additionally add to the economy. Worldwide (for the most part French) capital commands the economy, lakini Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati imejaribu tangu uhuru kuteka katika mji mkuu na maendeleo pesa kutoka mataifa mbalimbali, ikiwa ni pamoja na Libya, Taiwan, China, germany, na Japan. Chini ya aina kutoka Benki ya Dunia na Shirika la Fedha la Kimataifa (IMF) kugeuza maendeleo ya matumizi ya serikali, gharama ya mabadiliko, kuwawezesha kuendelea wazi mradi code, na kutoa motisha kwa majeshi ya kilimo na huduma mgambo, Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati kuwasilishwa kwa mpango wa msingi wa mabadiliko katika 1986. During the 1990s the IMF requested further alterations, kwa mfano, debasing the CFA franc and privatizing different organizations—business banks and an oil circulation organization. As France has diminished its money related responsibilities to its previous states in Africa, the Central African Republic’s budgetary standing has crumbled.

During the 1990s a decrease in universal costs for money crops, the expanded expense of imports brought about by poor transportation into the nation, naendelea sneaking ya mawe ya thamani zaidi ya outskirt, na za dhiki kisiasa kuongeza kusisitiza uchumi. muhimu zaidi, kuwa kwamba kama inaweza, walikuwa debasement na bajeti fumble, ambayo kushoto utawala hatufai kulipa fidia kwa ajili ya kijeshi na sehemu ya wazi. baadae fadhaa kisiasa aliendelea katika karne ya 21.

Biashara ya Kilimo, chuma Service, na angling

Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati
Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati

Waafrika wengi Central hutegemea kulima ajira zao. Men wazi mashamba, wakati maendeleo kwa kiasi kubwa ya wajibu wa wanawake, who develop cassava (muhogo), corn (mahindi), mtama, mtama, mchele, squashes, and peanuts (groundnuts) for their familiesutilization. Money yields, kwa mfano, cotton and espresso, presented by French ranch proprietors, are delivered to a great extent on little landholdings. The nation is for the most part independent in fundamental groceries, and rural expansion has been empowered by the legislature. The developing of vegetables for fare has additionally been upheld by the legislature. Albeit Central Africans have for quite a while developed sugarcane and oil palms on a little scale, the nation has recently attempted endeavors to develop the two harvests on huge, automated ranches.

The domesticated animal’s populace incorporates cows, sheep, mbuzi, pigs, and poultry, the greater part of which is kept for residential utilization. Lake raised tilapia and waterway fish likewise contribute generous measures of protein to the eating regimen. The tsetse fly lessens the zone wherein stock can be raised, however advancement projects to improve crowds and group relocations from Chad and Sudan keep on expanding the number of residential creatures in the nation. Tropical rainforest covers a huge piece of the Central African Republic, mostly in the southwest, and timber fares are a crucial wellspring of outside trade. Overwhelming dependence on worldwide products markets, nonetheless, has rendered the nation’s economy very helpless against value variances.

Assets and power

Mpangilio na kiwango matunda na kikubwa mno katika mali maji, Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati ina kuvutia kilimo uwezo. Ni vivyo hivyo ina wingi wa mali ya madini, ikiwa ni pamoja na mawe ya thamani, ambayo rekodi kwa muda wa sehemu ya taifa hilo wote nje nauli faida. Dhahabu, uranium, chuma chuma, shaba, na manganisi ni kuchimbwa katika kiasi littler. cascades taifa ni wellsprings cha nguvu za umeme, na mabwawa uko kwenye Mbali Lim River kaskazini magharibi mwa Bangui kuzalisha karibu nne ya tano ya madaraka ya taifa.

Despite the fact that empowered by multilateral guide offices to build its fares, the Central African Republic has additionally been feeling the squeeze to secure its regular assets. Both timber collecting and precious stone mining happen in areas that are likewise focused on high biodiversity. Clashes emitted during the 1990s—between different state offices, worldwide logging organizations, distinctive precious stone excavators, universal preservation associations, na wakazi ya Afrika ya Kati kutafuta kazi na magogo Mashirika-juu ya namna bora ya wote kupata mali hizo na biashara kuinua. Katika uchunguzi na nchi jirani ya Cameroon, Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati kukusanyika sehemu (viwanda vya mbao, distilleries, na mistari nyenzo za uzalishaji) kidogo; ni kuongeza wakiongozwa kama sheria katika au karibu Bangui. Licha ya wingi wa taifa wa mali maji, bila kujali inahitaji nje mafuta ya kutoa uhai. Mbalimbali ya makampuni sizable uzoefu maafa uporaji na obliteration yaliyotokea katika miaka ya 1990; wengine wamekuwa fujo au kusimamishwa kazi.

Fedha na ubadilishaji

Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati ni mtu binafsi kutoka Cooperation fedha katika Afrika ya Kati (Ya Afrika Ushirikiano Financial; CFA) na zaidi ya hayo kazi ya mtu binafsi kutoka Umoja wa Kiuchumi na Shirika la Fedha la Afrika ya Kati (Uchumi na Shirika la Fedha la Jumuiya ya Afrika ya Kati; CEMAC). taifa benki ya taifa, Benki Kuu ya Marekani ya Afrika ya Kati, masuala CFA frank. Kuna wachache business benki hiyo ni kiasi fulani Kifaransa alidai.

Usimamizi kimepata sizable mapungufu ya bajeti tangu katikati ya miaka ya 1980. Kuimarisha na mipango mbadala kutoka IMF, moja kwa moja bajeti mwongozo kutoka Ufaransa, na msaada kutoka wanaotoa mbalimbali, Serikali ya Afrika ya Kati anaendelea juu ya battling na uzito wa kubwa na mara nyingi fujo sehemu wazi. Nje ya uvumi ni hypothetically waalikwa na mkono na hali huria kwa walanguzi mbali na msaada wa mgawanyo binafsi. Labda wanandoa wa mashirika yasiyo ya Kifaransa wamejaribu kuweka rasilimali katika Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati, katika hali yoyote, tangu leseni zinahitajika kwa uagizaji, na awamu kwa uagizaji kutoka mataifa ya nje Franc Eneo wanastahili kufanya biashara miongozo ya udhibiti. hali zilizochanganywa kuanza katika miaka ya 1990 wakati uwezo wataalamu wa fedha walikuwa mibovu na mabadiliko ya kisiasa na kijamii katika Bangui.

Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati inategemea mkazo juu ya nauli yake, ambayo muhimu zaidi ni mbao, vito, pamba, na Espresso. Ubelgiji ni taifa kuendesha gari kubadilishana accomplice, kununua sehemu kubwa ya mawe ya thamani nauli. Ufaransa ni vivyo hivyo accomplice muhimu, kununua sehemu kubwa ya Espresso na tumbaku mikononi. China, germany, na Saudi Arabia ni nyingine vyema kutambua kubadilishana washirika. Uagizaji kuingiza mazao ya chakula, synthetics, vifaa na usafiri vifaa, na mafuta. 1994 hadhi wa Pesa CFA frank imeweka kushangaza vigumu Central Waafrika kubeba gharama ya bidhaa mbalimbali muhimu nje, ikiwa ni pamoja na dawa na mafuta ya dizeli.

tawala, kazi, na tathmini ya kodi

Savagery na kawaida fadhaa katika miaka ya 1990 na kukosa gari mfumo ndani ya taifa kuwa lilizuiwa sekta ya usafiri, mbaya zaidi kutokana na kikomo vikwazo na utawala mbaya wa nyumba za wageni Bangui ya. Baadhi ya kuchagua kutembelea mchezo kubwa kuokoa katika kaskazini ya mbali ni chini usimamizi wa mbali; kupita trans-African shughuli ni kuu nyingine harakati ya kweli katika sehemu ya wageni.

Usimamizi wa Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati kwa mamlaka ulivyo Mashirika tano mfanyakazi. matumizi inajumuisha ujumla ni ya mapato kutoka gharama kwenye kulipa, faida, za, na tawala na kutoka majukumu kuagiza na gharama.


Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati anaendelea juu ya kijeshi kidogo, ambayo inashirikisha jeshi, anga kulingana jeshi, na nguvu za kijeshi. Kifaransa askari walikuwa vunjwa nyuma kutoka taifa katika 1997 na walikuwa yalichukua mahali na vikosi kutumwa na Umoja wa Mataifa nchini Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati (Mission Mataifa United katika Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati; MINORCA). MINORCA askari kukaa katika taifa kuanzia Aprili 1998 hadi Februari 2000. Kutokana na hatua hiyo na kuendelea, nyingine duniani kulinda amani askari aliwahi katika taifa.

Baada ya upinzani na kusambaratika kwa serikali waliochaguliwa katika 2013, ukosefu wa usalama kufuatia muinuko mahitaji kwa askari wa kulinda amani katika taifa. mwishoni mwa 2013 Ufaransa alimtuma kulinda amani ya nguvu (Operesheni Sangaris), na Umoja wa Mataifa (A) kupitishwa Afrika alimfukuza International Support Mission Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati (Support Mission Kimataifa katika Driving Central ndogo ya Afrika; MOVE). Mwezi Aprili 2014 Umoja wa Ulaya (Marekani) kuongeza alimtuma unforeseen kidogo ya askari wa kulinda amani; walikaa katika taifa kwa muda wa mwaka. kazi nyingine, Mission ya Umoja wa Mataifa Multidimensional Jumuishi Udhibiti katika Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati (Mission Multidimensional UN Jumuishi kwa Udhibiti katika Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati; minusca), kujumlishwa Misca na ujumbe nyuma UN; kuishia kazi katika Septemba 2014. Task Sangaris kumaliza lengo lake kuu na kushoto taifa katika 2016. katika 2017, kama udhaifu huwekwa juu inayolikabili taifa, UN kupanua amri MINUSCA na kupitishwa upanuzi katika ngazi kikosi kazi ya.

Walinzi wa Historia

Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati
Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati

Ustawi na ustawi

Kila chini moja kwa sababu dunia, hakuna kukata makali huduma za binadamu ofisi zipo nje Bangui, ambayo yenyewe ina vyema kutambua kliniki ya dharura moja tu, na michache ya miji mbalimbali. Kabla msukosuko kawaida kwamba inayozalishwa mwishoni mwa 2012, various medical clinics and facilities that were staffed and worked by preachers gave generally great consideration to the individuals who could contact them. For most Central Africans, kuwa kwamba kama inaweza, little is offered by the inadequately prepared and deficiently staffed maternity facilities, dispensaries, and medical aid presents accessible on them in the farmland. Kwa kweli, even the medical clinic in Bangui is underneath standard for insignificant consideration; some private facilities are accessible to the rich in the capital. matumizi ya dawa ni incredibly matata kutokana upungufu wa usafiri mfumo. Kila moja ya mambo haya mara imekuwa mbaya zaidi na ukosefu wa usalama ambayo ilianza mwishoni mwa 2012 na kuvumilia katika miaka ya, na watu binafsi wachache inakaribia huduma ya dawa. ugonjwa matumbo, maambukizi, kifua kikuu, maradhi malazi, VVU / UKIMWI, na maradhi wazi zinaa ni ya kweli ustawi wasiwasi katika taifa. wingi wa matukio ya maambukizi kupumzika ni kupanua.

Wakati wa na serikali kufanya kazi, faida ya ustawi, ikiwa ni pamoja na uhaba wa ajira na uzazi faida, mtoto huduma mafao, na sanifu akiba, kuwa kupatikana kwa serikali kadhaa na wawakilishi ya kibinafsi sehemu katika Malengo ya mijini, Hata hivyo idadi kubwa hutegemea familia zao na mifumo ya uhusiano, mitandao, na wenzi kwa kile msaada kidogo wanaweza kupata. taifa inakabiliwa zinazoendelea za watu maskini vijana katika Bangui na katika nyingine maeneo makubwa sana ya mijini.


Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati
Siku ya uhuru insha Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Kati

In Bangui just as other significant towns all through the nation, individuals habitually live in whitewashed, terminated mud-block homes with wooden-covered windows and aluminum rooftops. Lodging expect progressively fluctuated structures in the backwoods and in towns. The Aka, kwa mfano, live in little, one-room houses, which are made from adaptable branches and secured with expansive leaves from the timberland. Somewhere else in the southern piece of the nation, watu wanaweza kuishi katika wattle-na-kufuta nyumba na kusuka paa palm-kitawi. watu wengine, hasa wale wanaoishi karibu na mashirika ya mbao, mara nyingi kuchukua mwelekeo wa bodi kutoka sawmills wa kutengeneza makazi yao. Watu zaidi ya mbali kaskazini chache, kwa mfano, Pana, kuishi katika raundi ya, tope kuzuia, chumba kimoja nyumba na paa nyasi-kufunikwa.

Ni vigumu kufahamu nini miundo makaazi ni “kimila.” Kwa baadhi ya Waafrika Central, zinatakiwa miundo ya kawaida makaazi walikuwa kweli iliyotolewa wakati wa Kifaransa mpaka utawala. watu wachache uhakika kwamba wao mara moja aliishi katika nyumba alifanya ya gome au katika wattle-na-kufuta maendeleo hata hivyo kwamba wao figured nje ya jinsi ya kufanya tope vitalu kutoka wataalamu waanzilishi.

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